Special events


We won’t state Overtime invented afterworking, but they at least shaped it for many to copy! Filling Wednesday evenings with the perfect networking event since 2003, Overtime is the real thing. Start early, bring your colleagues, feel like a VIP and don’t worry about staying too late, because we cut off the night at its peak to make sure you start refreshed to take advantage of the new opportunities that have opened up during the night before!


We don’t make Lemonade from lemons. We make Lemonade from the best Hip-Hop around and squeeze it into a fresh monthly concept. Juicy!

Stressed Out

Every exam period needs a closing party to let go, go loco and party with friends again! That’s where Stressed Out comes in! A massive line-up, crazy decoration (ice skating rings, foam parties,…) and a sold out Versuz make sure your vacation starts with a bang!

BIG international names & concepts

As a top 40 club in the world we have the opportunity to bring big international artists and concepts to Belgium and of course we want you to enjoy these opportunities too! Over the past years we managed to get all top 20 deejays in the world to our club and we will continue to do so to give you the night with your favourite artist you will never forget!

Special calendar days

Every time you have a chance to sleep in late, we’ll make sure you’ll stay up late the night before!

We always open our club with a special night/concept the day before a holiday and our New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Versuz Birthday nights are widely known as being nothing less than legendary!

Upcoming Special events